Chapter One


Jazz Sells, Mark Laver, Grinnell, Routledge

This chapter provides a brief history of music and advertising, and begins to think through the relationships between music, capitalism, and consumption in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Chapter Two

Pimps, Rebels, and Volkswagens

jazz sells, Mark laver, Grinnell

Chapter Two examines the relationship between jazz and capitalism by interrogating the relationship between an iconic artist and an iconic brand: Charles Mingus and Volkswagen.

Chapter Three

Autoeroticism: Sex, Cars, and Jazz

Jazz Sells, Mark Laver, Grinnell

In this chapter, I deal with the complex relationship between jazz and cars in North America and around the world, from the 1920s to the 2000s.

Chapter Four

The New Sound of Cola

Jazz Sells, Mark Laver, Grinnell

Chapter 4 focuses on a single jazz-branding enterprise from 2006: the short-lived diet soft drink, Pepsi Jazz.

Chapter Five

The Bank of Music

Jazz Sells, Mark LAver, Grinnell

Since 2004, TD Bank has become the title or lead sponsor of every major jazz festival in Canada. This chapter examines the rationale for and implications of TD’s emerging role as “The Bank of Music.”

Chapter Six


Jazz Sells, Mark Laver, Miles Davis, Grinnell

This chapter considers the role that improvisation plays in drawing together two key elements of capitalist ideology and consumer culture: freedom of choice, and freedom of expression.